IUPAC Full Form : What is the Full Form of IUPAC

IUPAC Full Form: What is the Full Form of IUPAC

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The full form of IUPAC is International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.
Full Form of IUPAC
IUPAC Full Form

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) is an International organisation in the field of Science. In chemistry IUPAC is best known for its works standardizing nomenclature in chemistry and others field of science but IUPAC has publication in many fields including Chemistry, Biology and Physics also.

Some Important Information about IUPAC

IUPAC is a member of the International Science Council.

IUPAC is registered in Zurich Switzerland.

IUPAC administrative office known as UPSC secretariat.

IUPAC administrative office is in research triangle park North Carolina United state.

IUPAC was established in 1999.

The motto of IUPAC is “Advancing Chemistry Worldwide”.